Art Fare by Andy Freeberg, Sojourn Books

Art Fare

Andy Freeberg

    Book Specifications:

  • Hardcover
  • Size: 11x14 inches
  • 88 pages, 42 color plates
  • ISBN: 978-0-615-93833-2

US $50.00


Sojourn Books is proud to announce the debut of its first title, Art Fare, a new book of photographs by Andy Freeberg. This monograph will be released April 10, 2014. The book depicts dealers and their workers at the major art fairs in Miami, New York, and Basel. This fast growing phenomenon of glittering art fairs is transforming the nature of contemporary art in the way business is done and even how art is being made.

In the essay accompanying the book, W. M. Hunt writes:
“Andy Freeberg’s Art Fare photographs are shrewdly smart. They are colorful, well seen and well made. It is funny how true they are and how truly funny...He is the distiller of these lunatic dramas, capturing moments, tight but telling vignettes...he is not damning, but instead, wryly amused and curious, intent on sharing the irony and the inanity. Here the art fares more than fairly.”

In a statement about his pictures, Freeberg writes:
“Gallery owners and their staff are usually hidden behind large entry desks and closed office doors. But at the major art fairs I’ve visited, like New York’s Armory Show and Art Basel in Miami and Switzerland, they’re in plain view in their booths. As if on stage, you can see art dealers meeting with collectors, selling and negotiating, talking on cell phones, working on laptops, and manipulating touch screens in 21st century postures newly adapted for the latest electronic devices. I found the lighting, costumes, and set design excellent for photographing these living dioramas, where the art world plays itself.”

About the Artist
Long fascinated with the gallery and museum worlds, Andy Freeberg often turns his camera on the dealers, artists, museum guards, and their interplay with the works of art themselves. His previous project, Guardians, about the women that guard the art in Russian museums, won Photolucida’s Critical Mass book award and was published in 2010. Freeberg’s work is in many public and private collections including SFMOMA, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Portland Art Museum, the George Eastman House, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Pier 24.

About the Essayist
W.M. Hunt is a champion of photography—collector, curator and consultant in New York. His book, The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious was published in 2011.